Ozonation Fees

     Whole house, Apartment, Condo, or Townhouse                   $395   (up to 3000 sq ft including basement)

     Individual rooms in a residence                                                 $150   (it must be possible to isolate the room and to ventilate directly to the outside)

     Garage                                                                                             $150   (up to 500 sq ft)

     Private Vehicles                                                                              $ 95    (reduced rate per vehicle available for multiple vehicles at same time and location)

     Recreation Vehicles                                                                      $8.75 per foot ($95 minimum)

                 In all the above, additional fees will apply if additional chemical applications are required for specific odour-causing agents, eg. pet urine. This would require and additional service trip to apply.

     Sports equipment.                                                                          $40     **This is the basic fee per set. Team and/or group rates are available where travel and/or

                                                                                                                                set-up times are reduced.


     Notes:   1) G.S.T. is added to all the above rates.

                    2) Travel cost may be added for outside the immediate Saskatoon area.


 Rates in effect as of February 26/13 and subject to change without notice.

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