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 We provide quality home inspections and reports, and strive to reduce the worries of buying or selling a home!


A home inspection is a thorough visual examination of a house by an inspector who has been trained, and is equipped for this specific purpose.

A home inspection is not a highly technical or invasive inspection and cannot detect every possible defect  nor predict future failures.

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Why Inspect a Residence?

It is unusual to find a home that does not have a defect or shortcoming of some kind. These may range from being very simple and inexpensive to correct, all the way to very costly and inconvenient repairs being necessary. A Home Inspector does a thorough visual inspection of the accessible components of a home, but does not tear down walls to confirm construction details. Aided with tools such as moisture meters, electrical circuit testers, a simple bubble level, a ladder, and temperature sensors or an infra-red camera, an inspector will use his five senses and experience to give you an accurate picture of the condition of a home. Recommendations may be made which assist the client to decide the best course of action for correcting or repairing a problem.

 "No Worries - That's Freedom!"

It is my goal to provide you with the highest level of professional service. That means I will be on time, with the knowledge, equipment and experience to not only inspect your home in detail and with confidence, but to communicate clearly the results and their meaning.

I am qualified to hold a Home Inspector Licence in Alberta and British Columbia, the only two provinces which currently (as of April 2013) require home inspectors to be licensed. The qualifying process included classroom theory, practical training, a mentorship program, and successful completion of written examinations and a Test Inspection Peer Review.

In addition, I am certified by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors (InterNACHI) which requires successful completion of annual examinations and a continuing education program.

Make your decisions based on knowledge, and enjoy the freedom from worry that I strive to provide.


 Who needs an Inspection?

BUYERS: You deserve to know what you are paying for, and will want to avoid nasty surprises after taking possession of your property. An inspection report may provide a means to renegotiate terms of sale if previously unknown conditions are revealed. You may decide to start a savings plan for anticipated repairs based on the age or condition of components as provided by your inspector.

Sellers:  A home inspection prior to listing your property can help ensure a smooth selling experience by correcting or disclosing conditions you hadn't known existed. The buyer will probably have an inspection done, and you would rather be confident knowing that there will be no last minutes surprises that might impede the sale.

Newly constructed homes: Many people believe an inspection is not needed if they are purchasing a newly constructed home, partly because a warranty may be in force. You should consider an inspection before your warranty expires so the builder can be held responsible for any needed improvements/repairs. (example: are you likely to check the attic for minor roof leaks or promised levels of insulation?) It's new, it's yours. Protect your investment!

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